The first steps of an unfathomable journey

Here I'm taking my first steps towards on what shall be a turning point to my intellectual career. Both being amused and bemused by the science and the nature itself, I'm taking my strides to journey thorough all those wonderful discoveries and inventions, be it a maths or physics or computing, to experience the evolution that came along with us right from our early ancestors. Knowledge is free, but any thing that is free is always be difficult to find. So, as like all those wonderful people out there, who shared and sharing the knowledge, I will be trying to share mine even-though it will serve a little to the wealth of knowledge. I shall be writing a post a week. Albeit a difficult task, I will try to keep up with my words. Having a domain name based on our own name will be wonderful, but mine is a identity crisis. My name is famous but I'm not because I was named after a famous person. So I came up with this name, as the first part of the name shows how I am living and the second part of the name shows what I am loving.

The prime reason of having a weblog or the impulse of writing something is caused by the endless frustrations in myself that raised day by day because of doing nothing. The problem here is most of us think that we have surplus amount of time limit for each task, so we postpone (or say procrastinate) the "doing" part to a later point of time. But the "later point of time" never exists! An average human lifetime of 80 years[1] makes us to believe that we have a lot of time to meet our goals. But in truth if we subtract all our wasted, wasting and to be wasted time from our lifetime, then we don't even have enough time to predict the effort required to meet our goals. Eventually, when we realize that we actually do procrastinate tasks, we then come up with a resolution plan that in-turn will be scheduled for a "later point of time" waiting for a special day to come, lets say a new year or a birthday. This blog post that you are reading at present fits very well in the context. Yet, I'm happy to be late than being never!